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  1. Greeting Murdak!

    I am Chaga'tai, son of Kogadei, son of Ogrimm of House Cho'gall. I come from the Klingon colony world of Ragnos in the Khitomer System. After that rather somewhat lengthy introduction... perhaps you've heard of my House and my family? Still, I have come as an ally to House Kular and I am told that I might speak with you, the House Representative.

    *Lol... reaching out to say hello (in my own way). No microphone as of yet so please forgive my not coming to Teamspeak just yet. I understand you may be busy but I am not new to STO, simply new to the Fleet and from what I can see a rather well organized one at that. For the most part I am a casual player due to marraige and work and also I am a bit slow to warm up to others having dealt with drama in the past and many disappointmens, so please don't think me snobbish or elitist as I am far from either. I look forward to catching up with you soon as I am off the rest of this week / weekend.

    Please take care. Qapla!
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