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  1. Thanks!
  2. Welcome back!
  3. Been a while since you've been online. :/
  4. I've made a short stay at the hospital, but I'm back now
  5. How are things mate?
  6. A Janeway avatar is ALWAYS a good avatar Thumbs up
  7. Haha yeah: The Expanse, a really great show !
  8. Lol.. that quote..
  9. Big Grin
  10. giphy
  11. Thanks ^^
  12. gives ]

    (You're missing a bracket for your medal bar!)
  13. Until 02/02/2018
  14. Hey Eagle,

    How long are you in Germany for again?
  15. Thanks infinity Wink
    It was quite fun to do the Flyer's modifications and to test a first video render on my refit Mac Mini Big Grin
  16. Oh Eagle!

    That gif avatar is spectacular. Big Grin
  17. Hey Wall-E, I'm not doing renders from different franchises than Star Trek and Stargate for now, sorry.

    I made two ST renders recently : one based on Bridger signature and one on TNG's Timescape. I'm also working on adding more damage to Adster's USS Charleston for his RP :

    1503591892 z charlestonpromo

    1503592249 z charlestonpromo2
  18. Eagles,

    Done any cool renders lately? (From different franchises perhaps? ;o)
  19. Yes ?
  20. Eaglesssssss
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