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  1. Don't make me come to your office and make you Tongue Out
  2. Nevahhhhh!
  3. You still need to update your sig Tongue Out
  4. Cheers Smile I was surprised to get them ^_^
  5. Thank you, and congrats on the haul of medals!
  6. Congrats on the promotion Admiral Jordan Smile
  7. If I’m on team speak at those times just give me a nudge and we’ll setup a game
  8. The joys of #studentlife and #retail life
  9. What unsociable hours they make you work 😕
  10. Sure ^_^ although I work till 10 usually on Fri/Sat and till 9 on Sundays
  11. Up for some BC this weekend (Fri, Sat or Sun)? Name the time and we can get something setup (although I won’t be ale to do anything after 7pm Saturday for the Sins of a Soar Empire event - if it’s going ahead. 😬
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