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  1. I switched my name a few times over my time here but I went back to Vox since I still go by it in game so it was easier to just go back to that.
  2. Ah well then yep you have the right Vox Smile And thanks for the belated birthday!

    We have a lot of ex 12th Remnant's here nowadays, although most came here after the mass exodus although not all of them go by the same name as they did back in the 12th
  3. Well happy belated birthday buddy!

    I'm talking about the guy who I got into fights with, but always valued as a friend. Ex Intel VA from the 12th Remnant (that's what I called the one "run" by Ent-D still).
  4. Well that would depend as there were two Vox's that were MACO's. There was Vox and Vox_Arbiter.

    One I believe was a long standing MACO who got on with everybody in MACO and the other was a long standing MACO who then left them and ended up pissing most of them off. Which one were you thinking of? Smile
  5. Vox, as in, my MACO buddy Vox?
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