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  1. The server information page on the website will feature that information again soon.
  2. ah right

    the old maps list and stuff is what i used to see.

    worry over Smile
  3. Not sure which area of the site or forums you're talking about Rhys for RPG-X. The website for Starfleet Harriers has a few pages up, which should be accessible to you I believe, the forums section is only accessible to members. We did have a Servers Information forum, but that's been removed in favour of the website page for Server Information and the forum threads will be redistributed to relevant divisions.
  4. impressed on the fleet rep options section Smile
  5. i cant see any of the CL1 areas in the harriers section.
  6. Yup, the page should be up with 3rd Fleet's logo on the home page for you. If it isn't showing, can you let me know what the home page appears to show for you? Also which page for RPG-X are you being restricted on?
    The application form link has now been removed, all applications now go through the website first. Smile
  7. Hello , did you manage to get that page you asked for the image , setup as well? also shouldnt i have basic access to the rpg-x section? , also the application form link doesnt work in the apply thread Smile
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