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  1. hey if your still online we are doing some armada II if your interested
  2. While we still getting the kinks out and getting a self installer ready for a upcoming patch for Armada I, I did manage to find someone who got it working with 1.3 and dgVoodoo. You can check the Troubleshooting section in the guide. Let me know what you find.
  3. I certainly did apply, waiting for decision now :-)
  4. Did you Apply?
  5. Thanks for message of Luck, I hope to achieve it! :-)
  6. GL on that Logictics officer position, I hope you apply! :thumbsup:
  7. also in my guide the armada 1 is patched to 1.3 for fixes, the 1.2 patch was back when 98/XP was the current OS.

    Win vista/Win7 has come and gone
    Win8/win10 is the new OS and since then there si no current patches, while 1.3 unoffical helped people get it working for Vista/Win7
  8. "Is armada 2 any better on Windows 10?" - Avenger
    Armada 2 works just fine on Windows just follow the setup guide I helped Marcus with.
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