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  1. Hey,can you tell me some games like Matrix or other that has bullettime fighting?Thanx
  2. Good Afternoon officer,if you haven't heard the latest news,I am the XO of Starfleet Falcons.I am going to change the whole division and you are going to help me.I expect from each of you to sign the roll call provided in Falcons division.The roll call will end when me and Jadzia say so.As said,you MUST sign the roll call

  3. Ah,thanx my man,thanx a lot,if you need something just ask
  4. I haven't played it, but Batman: Arkham Asylum is supposed to be really good. Assassin's Creed is incredibly fun on the PC too as is Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. As far as basic fighting, Street Fighter 4 is always a safe bet.
  5. Yea,but only if you have free time,yea,with bullettime and a lot of fighting
  6. I could look into it. I assume in the same style?
  7. Tell me ,do you know any PC fighting style games?
  8. No problem Smile
  9. Thank you GenTech
  10. Check the non-Trek games thread for some links, but Jet Li: Rise to Honor is awesome
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