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  1. Congratz Jadz!We still have XO for SFF to choose Wink!lol
  2. Hey what means that survey you sent me ?
  3. Hey,can you get into MSN?pls,thanx jadz
  4. Hey,can u login into MSN,pls?thx
  5. would you like to be?
  6. Hai,just to ask you,am i still the falcons rp xo?
  7. Currently I am the temp. one, Temp CO will come soon,
  8. Hiya,who is the XO of the Falcons now when Tethys resigned?
  9. Thanx jadz
  10. Can u switch to MSN?
  11. Hey Jads,i will be ur XO again when i am back,i promise!lol
  12. Jadzia,i have added u on windows live messenger and can u accept me?
  13. Greetings, your application for XO has been prosessed and I will send a PM reply of my decision shortly
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