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Republic - Planetary Invasion

Star Wars The Old Republic - STF Event

Took place Thu 17 Jan, 2019 7:00 PM UTC+0
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2 people have confirmed attendance.

Event Description

Jedi, Smugglers, and Troopers! The Republic Special Operations need you!

This event is dedicated to help out the Guild Invasion effort. In this event we shall be doing the conquests objectives to earn points towards our invasion. Earning the minimum amount of points needed rewards you with Credits, Command Points, Crafting materials, and scrap.

Other Details

7:00 PM GMT   8:00 PM CET
European Times
11:00 AM PST   2:00 PM EST
North American Times
6:00 AM AEDT
Australian Time
Not Required
Republic Character
Guild Flagship
Meeting Location

Members Going

  • Bedders
  • Sammygm

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