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New Horizons Await - Modded Stellaris

Stellaris - RP Event

Took place Wed 07 Aug, 2019 6:00 PM UTC+0
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Event Description

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This event will be a multi-hour session of Stellaris, using the Star Trek: New Horizons mod. We will be starting a new Multiplayer game will be playing against AI opponents and, if lore friendly, other players (e.g. if your species is generally known to be at war with the UFP, you are permitted to go to war with thme...e.g. the Dominion or the Borg) . Unfortunately, due to the nature of the mod, no custom species can be used. Therefore, I will be creating a list of what people choose to play as. If you want to join in, please do let me know which of the factions you wish to play as, before 17:00 GMT+1 on the night of the event. FYI, as the host, I am calling dibs, and getting the UFP Smile

We are using the standard version of the game, plus the submods. Therefore, if you just download stellaris, run it, quit it, and then go to the steam workshop and download the mods below you should be fine. If you're unsure of how to get this, please drop me a PM and I'll be glad to help. There are also many youtube videos out there, regarding installing the mod if you find that way easier.

As this is my first event, it's gonna be a whopper. Tehrefore, we will be using the 1400+ system custom map, included within the mod, of the milky way galaxy. This includes a great many scripted events (such as the xindi crisis, the mars uprising etc.), and the entire roster of in-game factions in lore-friendly start locations.

The mods required are:

  1. Star Trek New Horizons Main Mod
  2. Star Trek New Horizons Content Submod

There is a list of races playable in the link here. Please let me know which one you would like to play. Also, the federation founder races are off limits. All others can be used. I will update this post regularly with any races people choose.

Please make sure you can go on teamspeak. You don't necessarily ahve to talk, but it will make things a lot easier, as being a mod, I suspect there will be many initial kinks to sort out.

I am hoping this will be a twice weekly event, but dependent upon who turns up and asks, I am willing to negotiate future session times with everyone, as I have no preference. We will be starting at the designated time, and continuing for as long as people can do so. Therefore, be prepared for at least a couple of hours, and possibly upto 4 or 5 (dependent on what everyone wants to do).

I look forward to seeing you there!



Chosen Races:
Infinity - Trill - The hot spotty people
Lars - United Earth/UFPlanets - The economic and technological powerhouse - Dibs!!!
SammyGM - Romulan Star Empire - Sneaky paranoid whatsits, also warmongers
Chugster - Orion Free States - Green people, what else?
Aleu3n - The ever benevolent Cardassian Overlords Smile
surprisebinch#9580 - Dominion - Just your friendly, local Dominion Vorta

Other Details

7:00 PM BST   8:00 PM CEST
European Times
11:00 AM PDT   2:00 PM EDT
North American Times
4:00 AM AEST
Australian Time
Stellaris Base Game, Star Trek New Horizons Main Mod, Star Trek New Horizons Content Submod
Teamspeak - Holodeck
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