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Tour The Holdings: Fed Embassy (time slot 1)

Star Trek Online - Starfleet Academy

Fri 13 Dec, 2019 8:00 PM UTC+0
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SFA 240


Tour the Holdings: Federation Embassy

Do you feel a little bewildered by all the various offerings at the fleet holdings in STO and TOR? Are you new to the game or have you returned from a lengthy absence? Join us at for an opportunity to see what's on offer at the UFPs fleet/guild holdings. Once the tour is done feel free to join us for some TFOs/Heroics.

This event will be reoccurring each week in a series of "Tour The Holdings" events that will encompass all the current fleet holdings for the STO Federation, KDF & SWTOR Republic & Sith, one holding randomly selected per week.


Captain Michael
Starfleet Academy Deputy Commandant

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8:00 PM GMT   9:00 PM CET
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12:00 PM PST   3:00 PM EST
North American Times
7:00 AM AEDT
Australian Time
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Federation Starbase / STO TS Channel
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