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Star Trek Armada III: Uprising

Armada III - PvE Event

Took place Fri 22 May, 2020 6:00 PM UTC+0
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2 people have confirmed attendance.

Event Description

Star Trek Armada 3 :Uprisings is a great, Star Trek based strategy game. Choose your race, build your fleet, research technical advances, expand your empire and always be on the lookout for enemy forces! The AI we play against in STA3 is challenging to say the least and we have developed lots of great stellar maps to choose from.

So come to our STA 3 event and test your Fleet Admiral skills!

STA 3 : Uprising is the latest expansion of the STA 3 mod and adds the diplomacy and alliance option to the already broad range of strategies that you can follow in your quest to create a florishing Federation, Empire, Union or Collective.

Please bear in mind that a STA 3 game will most probably take 2 to 3 hours to complete. Generally we do a UFP Alliance against AI foes, but this can be adapted to whatever the majority of the attending members want to do.

Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion V1.94(you can purchase this from Steam)
Latest Star Trek Armada 3 Mod: Uprising.

You can download the mod from here:

If you need help setting everything up, please watch the video for help with installing follow this link:
Star Trek Armada 3: Uprising Install Guide

If you're running the STA 3 mod for the first time be sure to check the setup instructions.
If you've followed the instructions and you're still experiencing problems such as games crashes, feel free to send me a pm.
I will be more than happy to help you!
Please do this before the event, as I will not have time to help you with this just prior to the event!

Other Details

7:00 PM BST   8:00 PM CEST
European Times
11:00 AM PDT   2:00 PM EDT
North American Times
4:00 AM AEST
Australian Time
Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion + mod Star Trek Armada II Uprising; both lastest versions
Starfleet Tactical Teamspeak
Meeting Location

Members Going

  • Vivi
  • GriffinTalon

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