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Wherever The Stars Take Us

Stellaris - PvE Event

Took place Fri 05 Jun, 2020 6:00 PM UTC+0
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"Today is the day, Ladies and Gentlemen. Today is the day our newly-fledged empire ascends to the annals of our history. Long have we waited for this moment!

Who knows where we will end up... Who we will encounter... What trials we may face... I do not. I only know that as long as we stay true to our values we can only prosper.


- Excerpt from The Adventures of a Space-Faring Race, date unknown, author unknown, publishing galactic sector unknown.

This event will be a multi-hour session of Stellaris. We will be starting a new Multiplayer game on the Stellaris Test branch.
We will be bringing the middle and end-game stages forwards and increasing the difficulty, as we've discovered that with so many player-made empires in a galaxy the end-game crises gets easily slaughtered on normal settings.

If you wish to design your race please make sure you are present before the official start time so that you have plenty of time to customise.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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Holodeck CO

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7:00 PM BST   8:00 PM CEST
European Times
11:00 AM PDT   2:00 PM EDT
North American Times
4:00 AM AEST
Australian Time
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Patched client of Stellaris
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Members Going

  • Bedders
  • Sammygm
  • Arlu3n
  • Brask
  • Lars2510
  • GriffinTalon

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