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Cancelled: Themed Event: Reflection In The Mirror

Star Trek Online - STF Event

Took place Sun 08 Nov, 2020 8:00 PM UTC+0
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3 people have confirmed attendance.

Event Description

Reflection In The Mirror


Long Live The Empire!
”Great men aren’t peacemakers… great men are conquerors!” - Jonathan Archer

Once again step through the looking glass and become our counterparts in the Terran Empire. The Corridans have decided to "succeed" from the Empire and start a rebellion, many have flocked to their cause. The Empire requires the rich deposits of Dilithium to maintain power, as per General Order One, you are to eliminate any resistance you encounter with all due force they deserve. The Assault Fleet is assembling in the Gorlan System, show the rebels the price for their lack of vision.

Long Live the Empire!

You can read more about the event HERE

Other Details

8:00 PM GMT   9:00 PM CET
European Times
12:00 PM PST   3:00 PM EST
North American Times
7:00 AM AEDT
Australian Time
Not Required
To be Decided
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Members Going

  • Solace
  • Morris
  • Draco

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