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Sins Of The Prophets

Other - PvE Event

Took place Fri 04 Dec, 2020 7:00 PM UTC+0
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This event will be a multi-hour session of Sins Of A Solar Empire Rebellion using the brilliant Sins of the Prophets mod to bring the game into the Halo universe.

You can fight as the UNSC in a desperate struggle for survival and the defense of your colonies, or annihilate as the Covenant while leading immense fleets through vast swaths of space; glassing any planets in your way.

This event will be weekly. If we fail to complete the game within the initial event, we will save and reload next time, and finish what we started. We will likely be on this game for several hours - typically 3-5 hours.

To install it, please ensure you have installed the base Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion game and launched it once. Once launched, please go to Settings -> Mods, and then click "Show Mod Path". Doing this will automatically create the folder to put any mods.

From there simply extract the mod files (downloaded from moddb here) into that folder, overwriting any files Windows asks you to. We're using Sins Of The Prophets Beta V0.90.2, the latest version as of today.

If there are any problems please feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to help.

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Holodeck CO

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7:00 PM GMT   8:00 PM CET
European Times
11:00 AM PST   2:00 PM EST
North American Times
6:00 AM AEDT
Australian Time
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion & SoTP mod
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  • GriffinTalon
  • Bedders

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