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Bridge Commander - Bridge Commander Event

[CENTER][IMG][/IMG][/CENTER] Hey all! Put simply, this night is Reserves night - we play any Reserves' games that anyone is interested in playing, whether it be Bridge Commander, Armada 2, Fleet Operations, Elite Force 2 or Starfleet Command 3! The game that we play will be purely based on the interest of the attendance on the night, but will most likely be either Bridge Commander or Armada 2/Fleet Operations as these are the games which most people have. If you have any Reserves games, please feel free to come along as everyone who attends the event WILL play (so long as there aren't any technical issues :P) so if you only have Bridge Commander - that is fine! We will play Bridge Commander. Dont forget, we also use the Kobayashimaru Mod 1.0 (for Bridge Commander) AS WELL AS stock BC so make sure to have two installs; same goes with Armada 2 we sometimes use stock and the latest Fleet Operations Mod. See you guys there! P.S. This is an weekly event.

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