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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes The United Federation of Planets different to other gaming clans/communities/fleets?

The United Federation of Planets is a premier community that has spent years at the forefront of Star Trek gaming. With decades of combined command staff experience, we continue to push the boundaries of our membership experience.

Our focus is not only on gaming but our community offering in which we offer active forums, unique user generated content as well as non-gaming events and activities. Every member has the ability to give their feedback on any aspect of the community and can make public proposals with their ideas which help to ensure that everything we do is what is best for the membership.

In addition to leading from the front with our gaming and community offering we also push the boundaries in terms of the technology we employ to improve our member experience with a combination of in-house development and outsourcing to top quality partners to ensure our membership gets nothing but the very best.

We also have great links within the wider Star Trek community having featured on a range of high profile Star Trek websites. We've also managed to get world exclusive content from, and interviews with, a number of prominent players within the world of Star Trek.

With the most extensive offering of Star Trek gaming, a friendly and engaging member led community, top quality technical assets and great relationship with the wider Star Trek community it's not hard to see why we're a leader in the field of Star Trek gaming.

What games do The United Federation of Planets support?

Our primary game of choice, for which the vast majority of gamers are here for, is Star Trek Online (STO.) Supported through multiple divisions within the community, we support every corner of STO including the Federation, Klingon, and Romulan factions. Along with these player chosen areas, we go on to support a variety of gameplay styles. So, if you're interested in STFs, PvP, or alternative PvE gameplay - the UFP has you covered.

Along with Star Trek gaming we also support Non-Trek gaming. We have a dedicated gaming division, Starfleet Holodeck, for games like Minecraft (which we have our own server for), World of Warcraft, Star Citizen and many more, allowing members to talk about and organise the playing of such games together.

What types of players does The United Federation of Planets cater to?

The United Federation of Planets aims to cater for all player types be they casual or hardcore, Player vs Environment (PvE) or Player vs Player (PvP) and whether they are interested in roleplaying or not. We organise a range of in-game events across all of the games that we support that are designed to cater to any playstyle. Members are also free to organise their own in-game events and will receive support in doing so.

We understand real life commitments come first and our community bends to accommodate this.

What support does The United Federation of Planets offer its members?

All new members are given a basic orientation to the community by the Starfleet Academy team and their own personal Recruit Support Officer (RSO) to ensure they have an understanding of how everything works so they can get the most out of their community experience.

We also offer training for the games we support and training that will allow members to contribute further to the community should they wish to. This training comprehensively covers working in any of our tactical divisions or administration departments, as well as a dedicated Command School for those who wish to develop their leadership and managerial skills.

The United Federation of Planets also has a Community Support Centre which includes a general help desk, game support desk and technical support desk to ensure that members can get help and support with any issue they might have.

What are the requirements of being a member?

Members must follow our Code of Conduct, this is in place to ensure that all of our members get to experience an enjoyable gaming and social experience. Members are also required to sign in to Roll Calls, these are conducted on a monthly basis and allow us to keep a record of who is active - Leave of Absences and Extended Leave of Absences can be arranged if necessary to secure your membership.

Can I be a member of another gaming clan/community/fleet if I join The United Federation of Planets?

There are no issues with members having membership in other gaming clans or communities. You are allowed to maintain membership within other communities as long as you don't hold a volunteering position within the UFP.

Does The United Federation of Planets employ a hierarchy structure?

Yes, the United Federation of Planets uses a hierarchical structure based upon established Star Trek canon. Although all members are considered to be equal, some members will be higher up the hierarchy due to specific community responsibilities that they are responsible for.

What sort of rank structure does The United Federation of Planets employ?

The United Federation of Planets uses a rank structure that is based upon established Star Trek canon. There are actually two rank trees, one for Commissioned Officers (such as Ensign and Commander) and one for Non-Commissioned Officers (such as Crewman and Chief Petty Officer).

The Commissioned Officer ranks are for those that wish to serve the community by taking on specific roles and responsibilities. To gain a Commissioned Officer rank a member is required to take specific courses at Starfleet Academy to ensure they have an understanding of, and the skills to contribute to, the day to day running of the community.

The Non-Commissioned ranks are for those that simply wish to be a member of the community without any specific roles and responsibilities besides that of a normal player. These ranks exist for those that would rather spend their time socialising on the forum and playing our supported games rather than getting involved in the day to day running of the community.

All new members start within the Non-Commissioned ranks but may gain a commission at the Starfleet Academy should they wish to at any time. This rank structure allows for members to advance in rank no matter what their focus is.

Along with commissioned ranks, you may notice a limited amount of civilian-style ranks. These are ranks primarily used by members of the Federation Executive Office and Federation Council.

What is Roll Call?

Roll Call takes place on a monthly basis and UFP members are required to sign the roll call so that we know they are still active. If a member fails to sign in for three consecutive roll calls then their membership to The United Federation of Planets will be rescinded and they will have to re-apply for membership. Members that are on leave are exempt from signing Roll Calls for the duration of their leave. This allows members who are unable to be active due to real life issues or commitments to remain within the community.

What Voice-over IP (VoIP) software does The United Federation of Planets use?

The United Federation of Planets uses a free VoIP program called TeamSpeak 3, we also host our own TeamSpeak 3 server ( TeamSpeak 3 is not a requirement of UFP membership however we do encourage members to use it since it doesn't cost them anything and they are able to communicate via text if they would rather type than talk.

I'm a new member, I don't understand anything?!

It's probably best that you take a read through the Community Support Centre and the rest of the website in order to properly understand how we work. We've tried to make things as clear as possible but if not, we're here to help.

I'm interested in helping out, how do I do that?

It's good that you're interested in volunteering, we have a page dedicated to talk about volunteering at the UFP!

I have an idea, how do I propose something?

We have a custom-built, dedicated proposals system for members to submit their ideas and get their feedback. It's visible in the banner of every page on the community forums in the navigation wheel. Alternatively, click here.

I'm going away for a bit, do I need to do something?

Yes, you need to let us know so that you can become exempt from our Roll Call period for a certain period of time. You can do this through myUFP in what is known as Leave of Absence. Click here to go straight to it.

How do I get promoted?

Good question, you can read about our rank system here.

How is the UFP Structured?

Our Community page explains how we structure ourselves, as well as a diagram being provided to act as a visual aid.

Where can I go if I have more questions?

If you would like to have a chat with a UFP member please feel free to head to the forums where you have a live chat with members via our chat box or come and talk to us on our TeamSpeak 3 server. Alternatively you can visit our Community Support Centre, contact a Recruit Support Officer or use the Contact UFP link at the bottom of the page.