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"The story so far: In the beginning the Universe was created. This made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move."

- (The Late) Douglas Adams

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    Definitely nailed it for the Subime reference, altohugh I don't listen near as much as I was when I came up with the idea of using it as a handle. I have to confess I hadn't considered the RHCP reference! I guess I was just being flippant at the time. I do like me some RHCP though, mostly their older stuff. Anyways...

    Thank you for the awesome and friendly welcome (back), I think we are going to get along just fine. Smile
  2. SAD, but YEARS-LONG SAD...but then a HAPPY ENDING!
    I graduated HS on the night that the 2-part "All Good Things" (1994) aired, and had to be ordered by parents/guest/school admin to attend, so I taped it on a bad, badly-worn re-recorded-over, once-blank VHS, at half-speed, so as not to miss a single commercial, much less the TNG...and the tape died just as Dreadnought Enterprise... arrived, apparently... as YOU ALL KNOW!! I sure didn't! Not for YEARS! "Why?" you may ask. Your answer:
    The tape got chewed, so I didn't finish... or get see it in all its glory... until advent of the Web, specifically in Autumn 1998!
    I was overseas in Army and out of the loop for all 1995-1998- and it was STILL my #1 request. I saw it when I finally got back on Leave stateside...on DVD!! WOOOOO!
    It was SO WORTH IT. I CRIED, both tears of joy and of fist-pumping, 'yeah! The cavalry arrived!'. So from ages 9-18 yrs old, these WERE my heroes and philosophy.
  3. I am a married (42M to a 41F) Disabled Army Vet whose entire life has been molded by ST.
    In-Service, and recovering from wounds (1.75 years worth of 'rebuilds' still IN the military, and continuing non-stop as civilian) the ONLY constants were TNG & DS9- and I *needed* that hopeful, if still messy, vision of a future.
    My personal Values crystallized beyond conviction into something stronger still:
    Compassion in the face of horror,
    understanding & learning as an exchanging process, and mutual acceptance versus combat & genocide,
    personal and cultural respect trumping (no pun) bigotry,
    loving acceptance subjugating & rendering-obsolete discrimination,
    feeding those who are hungry,
    healing those afflicted,
    AND as I did 9 months of hellish rehab, AND when I finally limped back into service, these exact mantras from ST, bolstered by my Military experiences, gave to me the drive to go 'maximum warp' in my efforts to live.
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