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The more you learn.... the more I realize how much I don't know.

Albert Einstein

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Bowman, Georgia
January 4, 1960 (60)
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Tue 15 Feb, 2011 7:12 PM
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    Happy belated, my friend!
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    birthdayHappy Birthday!!!birthday

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    Oh no worries, we all live busy lives! So far so good, just feeling everything out!
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    Hello Stormy! Looks like you'll be my RSO! Hopefully I won't inundate you with too many questions Wink
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    Hi Stormy - Ive been away for a long time as I had to have several operations for cancer..... I guess I have been kicked - I did complete the enterance exam last year, and as instructed I sent mail to the officer dealing with exams... cannot remember their name. Looking at it nothing was ever done about it, my status was never updated i dont think.... and to be honest im trying to navigate throught the website and having a lot of difficulty.... I see the stShockednline game has changed...
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    I did, in Oct 2011, also I have been removed from the ingame fleet.
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    Smile For starters, how do I join the fleet in-game? I also want to comply, but I have no idea where to go for your entrance exam or for to even prepare. Smile
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    I see you're moving up in the world! Smile

    G xxx
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    Entrance Exam?... Smile Im trying to understand how to navigate throught the "advanced" complexity of this webpage.
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    Congratulations and Wonderful Wishes on your recent wedding!
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    no i have not taken the test
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    It's a game that really demands a lot of time. It'll never be the game I want but certainly the game I will be playing for the next year or more. Having a lot of fun but miss all of you here! Glad to see you and the UFP thriving in my absence! Smile

    G xxx
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    Hello stranger! Tongue Out

    G xxx
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    I'm in the process of doing that as well as making sure I have all the information on my profile correct here on UFP. I've been limited on time so I'm scheduling time for STO in so that I can grind and level. The entrance exam is on my agenda for today.
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    not yet sorry i actually just spent the last 20+ hours playing mass effect 3 since I have been waiting to finish the story for a long time but I will take it asap
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    Thanks, Stormy!
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    Thanks for all your Help Lt.
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    Thank you for the help.
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    Thank you!
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