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Federation Citizen


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  • Make It So, Number One
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    Be Starfleet Operations Executive Officer


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    Sit and pass the Officer Qualification

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    Give negative reputation twenty times to other users


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    Receive a promotion to the rank of Commodore


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  • Engage
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    Join the United Federation of Planets


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  • Well Respected
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    Reach reputation tier 6


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  • Host
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    Host an event via the Events System


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  • Pillar of the Community
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    Be a registered user for 10 years

    Unlocked Thu 25 Feb, 2021 8:03 AM

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    Post ten visitor messages on users' profiles


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    Love that kitty avatar, Cehus!
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    Thanks Big Grin I loved that scene in The West Wing
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    Cehus! I told you to wait with buying keys!Tongue Out and look at that we just got a Master Key Sale!!Smile
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    Mr. Cehus, I love your avatar!
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    Where is the fleet join request for the Imperial Guard. I have all three faction characters, but am playing my Romulan mostly these days.
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    who is in command of the romulan fleet division of ufplanets
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    Happy Birthday!
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    I will be back tonight, Cehus. Don't worry you can try your joke then Smile
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    Happy Birthday.
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