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    i will have to wait till sto goes f2p because i dont have enough money to pay for a subscription because im under 18
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    is the star trek infinite space position still open admiral
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    Thanks Big Grin
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    Thanks! Big Grin
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    Sketches. That is all.
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    Thank you Chris for taking the time to interview me for the STIS Community Manager position and I am grateful for the information you shared.
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    You free to come on Teamspeak at the moment??
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    Admiral Halsey, I am Brian of The 2nd Fleet. Myself and a diplomatic officer have joined this website to conduct further diplomatic negotiations and expand relations.
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    Chris you had better have someone on a video camera for when you slap Bondgadget!
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    Happy B-Day! Remember, The cake is a lie!
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    Happy Birthday Chris Tongue Out
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    Happy Birthday Chris. Wink
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    Sorry for the length of my application, I think in my zeal I got a bit carried away,
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    Yup no problem, i've managed to sort through the issue in question - so all is well. Wink
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    Thank for the Birthday Wishes Smile
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    You free for Teamspeak??
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    Thanks Chris!
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    24th - 27th Q Boost Double XP Weekend Level your Klink!!!
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    It was a great idea and a very worthy cause. Glad I could help!
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