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    Donate any amount under £25 to the UFP


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    Post in a forum topic


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    Be Federation News Service XO

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    Be a member of the Holodeck


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    Leave Starfleet for a career in the Federation Government

    Unlocked Thu 07 Nov, 2013 11:59 PM

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    Be Head of Starfleet Academy


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    Receive a promotion to the rank of Ensign


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    Reach reputation tier 6


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    Happy Birthday Chris!Smile
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    Happy Birthday Chris!
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    Happy birthday Smile
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    Hi Chris,

    Even though its been months... thanks!

    Alex L.
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    Thank you!
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    Thanks Smile
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    Thanks Mr. Halsey! Smile
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    Thank you very much! Smile
  9. I will be on LOA from the 13th of June. I will check for PMs at regular intervals but will have limited availability.
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    Thank you Christopher
    hope everything are good with you Smile
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    Thanks, Chris. Sorry, just saw this... >.<
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    Congratulations on your appointment Chris! I know you'll do well!
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    Thank You, Mr. Halsey.
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    Oh hey, just noticed you had past your 10'000 post mark. Congratulations! Tongue Out
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    Thanks for the well wishes, bud!
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    absolutely love that Avatar Chris!
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    Thank you for your gift, Chris! Smile
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    Thanks Boss
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    Thanks you, I'm feeling much better now.
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