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    hello, sorry I didn't send you a message before, great to meet you
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    Welcome back Steve!
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    Merry Christmas to you too Steven! I'm all cooked out and I am now veging! Hope you've had a great day with your family. Smile

    Grace xxx
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    Merry Christmas, Hope you have a wonderful day and really enjoy yourself
  5. I have returned
  6. I will be out of the office November 4th , 5th, and will return late November 6th,
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    Do you use teamspeak?
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    congratz on promotion i think
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  10. View Conversation
    How are you getting along in Diplomatic Corps. Just wanted to check I finally found my mic and wanted to check to see if you had any other questions I could answer for you,
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    Our ship has docked and myself and Kaden are ready for negotiations.
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    Sorted out your TeamSpeak permissions Smile
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    I just checked and sorry I am unable to change permissions also fill out a trouble ticket for teamspeak under the Fleet Support Center forum this will keep the admins looki8ng out for you when you come on TS.
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    For teamspeak poke a member that has CL5 or 6 next to their name
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    Tried to sen you a fleet invite but got error character not found, review and check to see if you have your information correct in the invite request, then we can get you invited.
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