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    Can you tell me why are you apologizing?Thanx,no problem,Officer Wink
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    Good Afternoon officer,if you haven't heard the latest news,I am the XO of Starfleet Falcons.I am going to change the whole division and you are going to help me.I expect from each of you to sign the roll call provided in Falcons division.The roll call will end when me and Jadzia say so.As said,you MUST sign the roll call

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    all is explained here
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    Beats me. Got promoted out of the blue. Everyone starting out in STO gets petty officer 3rd class instantly i think.
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    what u send me that for lol ?
  6. Whoop. Rank: C1C, Whoop!!!
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    Thanks for the congratz on the post count, maybe I just need to shut up Wink
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    Happy birthday!
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    Happy Birthday Smile Hope you enjoy it well !!!
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    no worrys
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    happy birthday
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