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  1. Next Generation Series 3

    Following a tour of a planet known as Angosia and with the planet about to sign a membership agreement with the FEderation an incident involving a violent prisoner involves the Enterprise. Upon tracking him down the crew confirm that he is indeed very violent and is sent to the brig. With counsellor Troy working with him to establish his military history the Enterprise makes it's way back to Angosia to deliver the prisoner back to the Angosian authorities.
    A transporter malfunction however leads to the escape of the prisoner and puts the negotiations with Angosia into jeopardy.
  2. Right now I am currently working my way through every film and every episode of Star Trek. I also intend to purchase season 1 of the new Discovery series when it releases. I watch episodes almost every day and I am really enjoying the experience. I am currently watching:-

    Next Generation - Series 2

    Scientist arrives on the Enterprise and wants to take data away for examination and to disassemble him. A debate arises from study of Starfleet regulations around whether or not Data has rights and a court hearing takes place.
  3. Hi, Petty Officer Ershwin reprting for duty. I play regularly online so if you see me give me a hail or meet me for a drink at Starfleet Academy or fancy a gamble on Deep space 9? Really, I am proud to be a member of UFP and I cant get enough of exploring the unknown. Thanks for visiting my profile and fly safe.
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    Greetings Crewman ershwin, I have been assigned your RSO & sent you some useful info about the fleet, Check your Inbox. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at any time.
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