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    Hope you are keeping well John, all the best.
  2. Hope you had a good birthday!
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday sir!
  5. Happy Birthday! Big Grin
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    Hope your doing well in retirement!
    *salutes Fleet Admiral Hathaway*
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    Special appreciation should go out to Ensign Flicky who I don't know at all but helped me with this and to your signature team too of course.

    Ensign Tim Jerrom
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    Admiral Hathaway,

    I may not be following the right procedure in talking to you directly but I don't know who else to say this too. Ive just got my fleet signature made for me and im VERY happy with it so if its £80 per month for donations to keep your web page up and running, next month's on me. Just let me know when you want and its yours (after Friday)

    Ensign Jerrom.
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    I don't know who is actually my CO since I'm still new, so I thought to go ahead and send you this message since you are the Co of SFC. I am {UFP}ShadowRage and I am letting you know that I am resigning my commission in {UFP}....I have started this New Job and will not be on very much anymore to play Star Trek Online, and because of this I cannot participate in a fleet or fleet events at this time. I am sorry to tell you this, but I thought it would be the appropriate way to say....It's been a privilege to be in this fleet and I Thank You all for accepting me. I start my new job in 2 days so I that means I would miss the monthly Roll Call anyway. Thanks again {UFP}ShadowRage Out..
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    birthdayHappy BIRTHDAY!birthday
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    Happy Birthday:mrgreen:
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    Can you inv me tu fleet ? ;p
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    I am Nem from the clan |-RPO-| (a small german clan Some of my colleagues and I would like to launch an Elite Force tournament, the "All-rounder Team Tournament" (ATT, and I would like to ask, if {UFP} is interested in playing in our tournament?
    It is a tournament for 6 teams and it has a unique modus: We play 3 different modes in the same tournament! In each match there will be a CTF AW, CTF Disi and a TDM Speci. + Elimination modus, because the question which led us to this tournament is: Who is an all-rounder?
    I would be glad, if {UFP} took part in our tournament Smile .

    Kind regards,

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    Welcome Back Sir! Klingon Grin
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    Good to see you back, my friend. I look forward to catching up some time!
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    Merry Christmas, Hope you have a wonderful day and really enjoy yourself
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    Hey Mr Hathaway if you get a moment can you hop on TS with Grace and I we have a question about the Klingon Recruitment thread on STO.
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    "John Celine Barbara Hathaway, Captain of the Starship Endeavour – Registry: N-C-C-Nine-Eight-Nine-Two-Five. You will lower your shields and prepare for assimilation. If you do not co-operate, we will destroy your ship."
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    When I have to sign the monthly roll call how do I di it?
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