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    Hi Xortox!

    I am Brently, an Ambassador from 12th Fleet. Our members had some questions about the upcoming secret war. I wanted to make sure that we got them answered so that we can have a lot of fun. Smile



    I will be responsible for the 12th portion of this event. I hope to have quite a few people lined up, but your initial posting is a bit confusing for our members.

    I would like some clarifications so that I may inform correctly my fleetmates:

    - There is no special requirements or limits on uniforms, weapons or ships for the ground and space portion.
    - I'm guessing we can't rotate players between ground and space, meaning that all the participants do the space and ground parts
    - All the special consoles, sets and misc equipment is allowed.




    Thanks Xortox! You can also answer back at
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    Salutations! Thank you for accepting me aboard. See you in formation soon.
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    Thank You, Xortox. I do rather like how Airik Turned out
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    Greetings Crewman Xortox! I have been assigned as your RSO by SFC. I have sent you a PM regaurding info about the fleet. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
  5. "Every silver linings got a touch of grey." -Grateful Dead
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