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    *browses holiday photos*
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    This isn't facebook!
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    Happy Birthday.
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    Yes, I would rather enjoy some Plexinade Tongue Out
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    Need your Rough course draft in either today or tommorrow please Smile
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    Scored 90 on the core exam
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    Thanks for the welcome, and I look forward to the stay!
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    lol madhead Tongue Out hath was asking about u today everything ok ?
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    why give me bad rep points twice lol i never knew it was before the oringal sorry line it all been sorted anys Smile
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    Thanks, I was able to complete the exam and start the course.
  11. Thanks all for the birthday wishes! Big Grin
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday !!
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    happy birthday Gregory
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    Interesting I'm in Mechanicsburg, about 20 - 25 minutes from Harrisburg
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    Ya I didn't realize that you were from pa as well, where are you from.
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    Please send your half to Much appreciated Wink
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    Im on msn atm Wink
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    Greetings Commander, my Christmas was good can't complain.
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