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North East England
October 1, 1993 (28)
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Sat 12 May, 2012 10:05 AM
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    Thank you Sweetums
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    Happy birthday, Torinth!
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    Thank you very much Torinth ! Big Grin
    (I know I'm late ^^)
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    Thanks Torinth Smile
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    Thanks! Big Grin
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    tumblr m7m6xw668w1qd6v0do1 500
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    anigif enhanced buzz 18830 1361994497 6
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    1adf791e backhand
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    More like
    Sad Puppy Face 210x145
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    When I join a channel and suddenly notice Torinth in the same room..

    tumblr mknwbnmD9U1ry4q0lo1 250
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    Thanks Torinth!
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    Thank you Sweetums
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    Happy birthday mate!
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday Torinth!
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    Should I use that light green or cyan for the CSO marking?
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    I thought it was for 20:00 UFP time. how did it get changed to 1am?
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    Is the event on for RPG-X intro still on for today?
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    Thanks for liking the avatar!
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