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    Sign roll call

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    Join the United Federation of Planets

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    Sign two roll calls in a row

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    Sign three roll calls in a row

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    Be a member of Starfleet Tactical

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    Earn your first respect points


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    Happy Birthday Smile
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Want some plexinade? Tongue Out
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    Hey. I may not make it on TS. But I will be on MSN via cell phone.
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    Congratulations Commodore Plexus! Big Grin
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    i have Iowa, the problem is now trying to use it!
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    Hey sir, Do you know where i can download the Iowa map for RPG-X?
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    If you're interested in joining Schisms regularly as a council member, or any other open position, please post an application in the Schisms forum Smile
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    Hi, just wondering when a desition will be made regarding SFC III Supervisor
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    Hola...Kate here
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    Good Afternoon officer,if you haven't heard the latest news,I am the XO of Starfleet Falcons.I am going to change the whole division and you are going to help me.I expect from each of you to sign the roll call provided in Falcons division.The roll call will end when me and Jadzia say so.As said,you MUST sign the roll call

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    Happy birthday CP. Big Grin
  13. Awww.... thanks guys Smile
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    Happy birthday to you
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    happy birthday boss Wink
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    If I were not a humble Vulcan, I believe the response would be, that is wise...
  17. I'm just glad I can impress someone as logical as you Smile
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    I cannot presume to debate one, with logic as sound as yours Wink
  19. Yet you outrank me now SIR! Tongue Out
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    Nonsense, you outranked me first Wink
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