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  1. Welcome back!
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    Been a while since you've been online. :/
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    I hope your doing alright. Saw you leave the discord
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    Hope you're doing alright, you've been quiet for the past few weeks!
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    Congratulations on the Order of Merit! Smile
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    How are things mate?
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    Have you had a chance to read my PM?

    - JC
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    Lol.. that quote..
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    Greetings friend! Live Long and Prosper
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    Big Grin
  11. View Conversation
    gives ]

    (You're missing a bracket for your medal bar!)
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    Hey Eagle,

    How long are you in Germany for again?
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    Hi Eagle, how are things in good old Germany?
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    Oh Eagle!

    That gif avatar is spectacular. Big Grin
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    Ah, so I assume there would be no way for instance a movie/series scene (like my current avatar) - to be lossless when decreasing size then.
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    Hello! Big fan of your work! I was curious, how is your avatar so HD - what do you use to resize it with such lossless compression, and if you have a tutorial you can link to me?
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    Thank you!!
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    Done any cool renders lately? (From different franchises perhaps? ;o)
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    Thank you very much for the points, very cool! Awesome shot of the Sovereign-class, by the way. Did you find that? Make it yourself?
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