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TX, USA | USS Judicator NCC 93445-A
Independant Fitness Coach for Team Beachbody
TV & Movies (Sci-Fi, Drama, Comdey, Action & Adventure), Games (Cards, RPG, RTS, some MMOs)
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    The event was on at 1am this morning.
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    Happy Birthday
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    Aww. Miss you too! Sadly I'm too busy these days to be actively playing!

    Hope you and the rest of the UFP crew are doing well!
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    Sure. Let me take a look at your link here...
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    Thank you sir. I look forward to ways to progress and impress my superior officers.
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    Thank you! It is an honor to be aboard!

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    Hello, is WaffleXD meant to be me or are you reffering to someone else? If you are meaning me then thanks for the welcome. Yes, STOA has 3 fleets with just over 400 members. They have no active teamspeak though which is such a shame.

    Exam completed and now waiting for ingame invites. Also look forward to getting about in Teamspeak. Thanks, Phil.
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    Thanks, trying to get into STO again and such. Trying to get the test done first, which I haven't.
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    Hey there Carrill0. I've got a quick question for you - I was in a STF group with one of our KDF brethren earlier, and his attitude just stunk. He kept complaining about the problems that he was experiencing, rather than looking for solutions. Turns out that if we had just looked for a solution to the problem right off the bat, we could have avoided wasting almost 20 minutes with him griping. What is the proper way to report that kind of negative behavior?
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