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  • Making the Rounds
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    Post ten visitor messages on users' profiles.


  • To Boldly Go On and On
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    Reach one-thousand posts on the forums.


  • Dean’s List
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    Pass all three Academy exams.

    Unlocked 1 Week Ago

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    Be a registered user for two years.


  • Poster Child
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    Reach 500 posts on the forums.


  • The Mad House
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    Be a member of the Holodeck.

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  • Live Long and Prosper
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    Be a registered user for one year.


  • Qualified Officer
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    Sit and pass the Officer Qualification.

    Unlocked 1 Week Ago

  • Becoming a Redshirt
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    Earn your first respect points.


  • Starfleet's Finest
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    Be a member of Starfleet Operations.


  • tlhIngan SuvwI'
    Common (10 Points)

    Be a member of the House of Kular.

    Unlocked 1 Week Ago

  • Captain
    Uncommon (25 Points)

    Ascend the ranks to reach the Captains chair.

    Unlocked 1 Week Ago

  • Eternal Servitude!
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    Be a registered user for five years.


  • Engage
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    Join the United Federation of Planets.


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PA U.S. - Stuck in briefings to get up to date on UFP
Wed 29 Jul, 2009 8:29 PM
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    I'm good Smile u?
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    Thanks for the warm welcome, old friend Wink
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    Congratulations on your Federation Star.
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    hi Grim,

    sorry not had a change to sort out my academy out, but been on exercise this week with my regiment. I will be on teamspeak around 7 GTM.

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    Congratulations on your promotion to ACADEMY CO! YOu have earned this position and I know you will not only do well, but will have fun at the same time! CONGRATULATIONS GRIM!!
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    Captain Grim!! How you been buddy?
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    Could you head on TS for a sec? Smile
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    I hope you succeed to all your best in the Internal Affairs XO position. Cool
    Congratulations once again on receiving the position.
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    Thank you Grim! Big Grin Hope all is well?
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    Hey Grim you find Retirement too boring as well?
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