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    Sign a community proposal


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You're right, Dukat, you have changed. You've gone from being a self-important egotist to a self-deluded madman. I hardly call that improvement.


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    congratsCongrats on your Medal award and Promotion Admiral!
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    Did my application go thro?
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Congrats on your Rank advancement Smile
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    Can you check my test? I was done with it
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    Matty has my full backing for access to the 3rd Fleet Embassy
    Rhys Delta
    3rd Fleet CIC
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    Greeting's Captain, hope we can be friend's on Star trek online my handle is Anthony@alterego1317 Thanks much, Have a Great day.
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    Then get off your phone and pay attention Big Grin
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    Get to College! Wink
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    Merry Christmas, Hope you have a wonderful day and really enjoy yourself
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    I'm here to apply for the Academy, Star Trek Online

    Live Long and Prosper
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    Happy Birthday, hope you have been having a great day.
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    Happy Birthday Jordan!
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    qoSlIj DatIvjaj!!! Big Grin <3

    G xxx
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    Happy Birthday! Big Grin
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    Hey Jordan! Big Grin
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    Omnivore! :mrgreen:
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    Rawr! Tongue Out
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    Like I said sketches were ready last month, grab me on TS when I'm not in game and I can send them to you or let me know what email address you want them sent to.
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    Omnivore! Tongue Out
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