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You're right, Dukat, you have changed. You've gone from being a self-important egotist to a self-deluded madman. I hardly call that improvement.


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    Just wanted to say a big thanks for taking part in the charity raffle!
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    Greetings from Starfleet Special Operations Group. Ambassador Rockairee referred me to your fleet as did pat. about setting up relations and embassy between our two fleets. to get a hold of me in game im at @the74throokie in game so let me know what we need to do to get started ok?
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    Congratz on the medal haul.
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    Happy Birthday! Have a good day!
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    All goes well! Rawrrr! Tongue Out
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    Hai! How goes it Jordy? Big Grin
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    Hey Jordan =D
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    Hello. :-)
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    Rawrr! Rawrr!
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    Congratulations Jordan!
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    Fastest promotion ever Congragulations boss
  13. Ohai there, nothing much really :3
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    Hey Jordan!Whatsup,mate?
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