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You're right, Dukat, you have changed. You've gone from being a self-important egotist to a self-deluded madman. I hardly call that improvement.


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  1. Haha thanks Jordan Smile
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    Don't make me come to your office and make you Tongue Out
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    You still need to update your sig Tongue Out
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    Oh I'm sure!
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    Congratulations on passing Wink
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    Congrats on the promo. You had to work hard for that one. Wink
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    Cheers Smile I was surprised to get them ^_^
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    Congrats on the promotion Admiral Jordan Smile
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    The joys of #studentlife and #retail life
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    Sure ^_^ although I work till 10 usually on Fri/Sat and till 9 on Sundays
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    Happy Birthday Jordan!
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    Eyy, bringing back the christmas theme, good lad Jordan.
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    Happy birthday! Big Grin
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    How are things going mate?
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    You've changed your avatar?

    Jordan, I'm going to need some time to mourn the loss of your previous avatar. The doggo will always be in our hearts.
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    Aah, tricked!

    I thought I had an article to edit looking from the Notifications, turns out it was just you Tongue Out

    I forgive you <3
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    Jordan, buddy!

    How goes the mobile website stuff you're working on? Wink
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