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Federation Citizen


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    Be a registered user for two years


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    Earn your first respect points


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    Merry X-Mas The Borg you missed another good UFPAC moment!
    Three continues to show progress as our Fleet Admiral. Long live THREE OF SEVEN
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    I would be awesome to see you assimilate for a community Event again!
  3. I, For One, Welcome Our New Cybernetic Overlords Borg
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    The BORG are irrelevant!
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    sorry for the extra post my computer systems have a glitch
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    Hello Mr borg.
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    Hello Mr borg.
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    Hello Mr borg.
  9. Wake up Borgy. Poke
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    Yo Borgy, yo can't catch me, because your gonna need a ship to chase me, hehe.
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    Do you want some creme for those?
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    Assimilation is irrelevant. You will be exterminated! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Daleks reign supreme! EXTERMINATE!
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    I have been assimilated Borg
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    If you try it, I will punch you. Big Grin

    Tongue Out
  15. You will all become one with the Borg.
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    Where did I leave that Copy of the endgame virus.... oh Wait in your computer!
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    *Replicates Species 8472*
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    Now where did I leave that nanite torpedo?!?
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