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    where did you find the alert icons in your sig?
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    Wowies, Joshy! What a purrmeowtion from Ensign to Captain! Congratumeowsniffilations to you. Smile
  3. Thanks Ducky. Wink
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    Congrats on your awards!
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    Hello, It is my understanding your the guy to go to about the underdevelopment simming via Forum or SMS.

    I was asked by Central Plexus to come in and help out with you guys getting the simming up. I have simmed on forums for many years and have started up my own simms quite a few times and most of them have been very successful. I am well knowledge in how these simms are run and what it takes to keep them going. Needless to say i know there in's and out's.
    I have simmed by email, SMS and Forum with forum being my biggest one. I have simmed with small independent simms to large fleet wide simms where i have held fleet positions. For a while i even had my own fleet up and running and it had several simms in it.

    I am hoping to help you out in any way i can. I know alot about them and I am willing to help out the best I can.

    Just let me know how i can help out.
  6. Thanks..........I think. lol
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    Welcome to the SDC, I Need all Diplomatic Incidents to be reported to me when you get wind of them. I will most likly already knowbut it would be to just keep contact between us open. < my msn. Your pooper scooper should arrive shortly. You will understand why you need one sooner or later Smile
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    Congratulations on your new position and promotion to ensign! Smile Please see me on MSN next time you're on for a briefing about current diplomatic situations.
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    Greetings, Please make your way to read through Quantum Cafe located here in Starfleet Academy
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    I'll be sending you a response later today on your question Officer Broughm. Sorry for the delay.
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    get on msn i sent you link to map
  12. OMG Jabber how are you, long time no see eh
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    Hey Big Grin
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