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    do i need to join any specific usergroups?
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    I cannot log into Roll keeps kicking out my user name and password.
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    Nothing to be added to the forum...yet. Tongue Out

    I'm doing fine too, thanks.
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    Sorry for not replying sooner, Kiflin. The past few days have been quite busy for me.
    I don't think I have time today or tomorrow, but we can definitely talks on Saturday. I accepted your WLM invitation as well, but for some reason you are not showing up on the list.
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    Hello, Captain. How are you?
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    Thank you sir I look forward to working with you.
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    No problemo,just contact me or send PM when ur availalbe
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    Can u login now on windows live?Thanx
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    Ok,good to know,but just to inform u,my timezone is GMT+1
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    sir can i have sum advise please regard lessons
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    Sir i have submitted my app for the Academy Progress Counselor, thanks for your interest also.Wink
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    Hiya sir,could u login into Windws live messenger,i have to talk to u
  13. Heh, at ease Officer.
    Still as humbled as I was at Crewman 3rd Class...
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    Well it looks like someone got a BIG promotion [Stands at attention] SIR!!!
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    Well,my friend,it hasnt been a long time since you joined this community and yet already you are the Captain and XO.I want to say that time here doesnt count,cause you worked very hard and i think you earned it!!!Congratulations!!!lol
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    Congratulations on your promotion, Captain Visk't!
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    Thanx,me too,homie!!!lol
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    kk thanks again! Smile
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  20. Posted a reply to you on your page. Hope this clears up your question, Captain.
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