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Logic is the beginning of wisdom not the end.


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April 22, 1978 (43)
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Reading, and teaching martial studies
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  1. April 22nd is pretty popular here. I believe Buba3333 also celebrates his birthday the same day.
  2. Actually the Core Exam will be coming online very soon, after which we will add all Admin Courses. This will be covered more in Sat meeting.
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    Is there any update on the progress of moving the academy to the new softwere?
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    Thank you sir, I look forward to hearing the results.
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    Please Report to SFCommunications (MSN) Me and elessar need to talk to you
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    Sir, I have updated the language on the NAP per our discussion. This agreement is signed by VKF and awaiting {UFP} signatures. Also cross-posted at your Embassy in the VKF forum. Thank you for your patience.
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    i am on MSN now if you wanna chat
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    kk i'll be on Smile
  9. Very well, I have posted your report upon the Deans List. And yes, SFA will be posting other stellar reports given by members of the Fleet. Once again congratulations.
  10. Admiral, I have no problem sharing my report with others. Maybe other's could share their work too. I'd be interested in reading them.
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    Yes sir my Christmas was great!
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    Thanks! I was stuck between 3, decided to choose this one Smile
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    good afternoon sir, hope your Christmas was a good one!
  14. Thank you for the assignment Admiral.
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    Greetings, Thought I might say hello Smile
  16. Come when you are finished, food is more important Wink
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    I may be a few minutes late to the meeting as that's our dinner time, but I will do my best to be there ASAP.
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    Alright, a bit busy though Sad You?
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    Greetings, and thank-you for welcoming me back Smile, times have been rough at home at the moment, been sick and all. I look forward to geetting active again.
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    Myself and my wife (Honie Maree) have not been on for a while and both missed roll call. We are currently in the middle of a soon to be death in the family. The month of December has been a rough one so far do to other personal issues we have stumbled upon. I request that you please accept the message as a apology from the both of us and that we indeed do wish to be a part of the UFP.

    Thank you in advance

    Jaffo and Hoonie
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