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  1. Its good to just be back my friend Wink And its wonderful to see you again as well!
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    WOW didn't know you came back to the fleet kiflin, hope to talk to you soon!
  3. Behind all creative endeavors --whether it be designing a spacecraft, or self study for self-knowledge, the propelling force behind this desire is ego--the wish of the self to undertake these activities.We can also say with Ernest Becker that the ego represents a natural urge by the life force itself toward an expansion of experience, toward life. Is this logical? Logic would dictate that dying to the I means freeing oneself from attachments, from clinging to people, to wants, to hopes, to fantasies , even to ideals. The process of dying is as important for life as the process of being born. It is only because we identify the process of dying with the dissolution of the body that we arrive at our one-sided and negative conception of death.

    To be controlled by passions means to be cut off from both one's Self and one's world, which means to be in constant anxiety.

    There can be only one recourse.... Embrace Logic.
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    Welcome back Crewman Visk't
  5. Wanted everyone to know that I deeply regret my disruptive words, and dishonorable actions in leaving UFP. There were multiple ways I could have handled that situation, yet I chose to promote my own version in a disrespectful manner. Over time, I have reflected much on what I did in depth, and I offer a heartfelt apology to all parties, and divisions of UFP that were affected by my terrible actions. I let my passion overwhelm me, instead of looking at the problems the Academy Faced in an Objective manner.
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    May I please receive a login key and or any other necessary information whereby I may begin the necessary training in the Academy. Thank you for your time in this matter.
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    Yup np; It won't take long
  8. Sorry I missed you Mikester, I'll try to make myself available later today when I get off from work...
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    Hey Kiflin could I catch you on MSN for a moment? Need to ask you something about the Academy for The Herald.
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    What up?
  11. Haha, it will be a pleasure to Trek the galaxy with the man that made it all possible Wink Im off from work tomorrow so I'll be looking for you! See ya online Wink
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    Hey Buddy! I get my computer tommorrow! I should be on STO by mid-day early afternoon! If you are on, we should meet up so I can get my n00bness out fast! Big Grin
    Can't wait to rock the galaxy with you and the team! w00t! MONKEY WINS!!
  13. Sounds good Wink
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    I just got off and I'm heading off for the night, catch me ingame or on MSN tommorrow?
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    once again, I may be a few minutes late to the meeting as I have dinner at 5, but I will try to be as close to 5:25 as possible Smile
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    You gonna be on for the headstart or you at work?
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    Done. Smile
  18. April 22nd is pretty popular here. I believe Buba3333 also celebrates his birthday the same day.
  19. Actually the Core Exam will be coming online very soon, after which we will add all Admin Courses. This will be covered more in Sat meeting.
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    Is there any update on the progress of moving the academy to the new softwere?
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