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Star Trek Operation Enterprise Roller Coaster

A theme park is working on a Star Trek: The Next Generation attraction which opens this spring.

By Infinity Wed 22 Feb, 2017 5:43 PM
Star Trek: Operation Enterprise is a new, fully fledged theme park attraction dedicated to Star Trek and it's story line. Featuring a Federation Plaza, this park is interesting to any Star Trek fan.

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Size:  268.9 KBStar Trek: Operation Enterprise is a Star Trek: The Next Generation based theme park designed for Movie Theme Park in Germany. According to the Theme Parks Insider article, the roller coaster has some facts but not many out there. Mainly, the coaster will have a maximum speed of 56 MPH and will have a Zero-G Roll, Heartline Rolls, Three Inversions and lasts around 2 and a half minutes.

The theme park was designed by the very engineers that designed the Las Vegas Star Trek Coaster that ran in service for 10 years. Undoubtedly, this coaster is going to be very interesting. The roller coaster features a twisted halfpipe with a 40 meter elevation, currently the only one in europe!

The coaster will be attatched to the Federation Plaza part of the park, which has Star Trek themed displays and shops in the area as well as information about Star Trek. The Plaza houses Starfleet Academy, where visitors can become Starfleet Academy cadets. According to movieparkgermany, the story behind Star Trek Operation Enterprise is that their guests, as Starfleet Academy cadets are on a mission to save the crew of the Enterprise from assimilation by Borg.

The only videos that I could find for you were in German. I encourage you to read up yourselves at the below links, there's also images which include the building process of Operation Enterprise which is definitely interesting to look at. - HERE (bottom of the page)

There's a video of the Roller Coaster, which was released by Movie Park Germany on the 16th of February, Check it out below! -

What do you think about this Star Trek themed attraction? Let us know!

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