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Interview with Star Trek: Defence Line Project Lead

Arthur Bagdasarov, project lead of the game Star Trek: Defence Line sat down and answered a number of our questions about the game.

By Three of Seven Thu 23 Feb, 2017 3:00 PM - Last Updated: Fri 24 Feb, 2017 1:04 AM
The guys developing Star Trek: Defense Line have been posting regular updates on our forum, so we decided to send a number of questions over and Arthur Bagdasarov has provided us with answers! So,. here they are.

What has been your biggest hurdle in using the Unity Game Engine thus far? Have you had many big issues?
"In fact we have a lot of issues. From the beginning I started to use not the best unit movements system. It chained me with ships movements in 2 dimensions. Because of this issue starships collide with each other, push one another and do a lot of other odd actions. Likewise, there are a lot of very sophisticated functional the Engine doesn't support. So I have to search for workarounds."

What made you originally decide to use Unity for Defense Line, as opposed to Unreal or any other game engine?
"I started with Unity 3D because it was intuitively clearer for me at that moment. When I felt at ease with Unreal Engine, I had already done too much on Unity. Transferring the project would be like starting from the beginning."

When did you originally start the project and what made you want to develop Defense Line?
"I started to work on Defence Line two years ago. A year and a half ago I envolved my brother and some more people and we created a page on ModDB. The original idea of Defence Line occurred to me under the impression of Star Trek Armada 2, that is my favourite Star Trek game till now."

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Are any of the features from previous Star Trek titles being implemented into your game? Specifically from Armada, if so, which elements?
"From Armada 2 we borrowed the idea of starship's subsystems and some more game mechanisms. We plan to add planetary colonization ability that you could do in Armada 2 too."

What are your plans for multiplayer? Have you attempted any networking integration into the game yet?
"The multiplayer will surely be added. Unfortunately, the game is built in such way that we would need a whole stage of development to create multiplayer. We haven't worked on this by now. Maybe the things are not so difficult as they seem to be."

What are your plans for the overall game? Do you have any form of schedule for what you are wanting to get done?
"We're finalizing some elements and working on Quick Battle mode. My brother works on concepts and our modellers are creating Klingon vessels. In the next demo we plan to add capturing of starships and stations, colonization and some more abilities."

Would you be looking for additional people to potentially join you and develop Defense Line?
"Hmm, we have already found some modellers for the project, but we really need more. In the future we will probably find one more programmer."

What factions are you planning on bringing into the game?
"Our main factions: The United Federation of Planets (already available), The Borg Collective (already available), The Klingon Empire (on modelling stage), The Romulan Star Empire (under development), The Cardassian Union (under development), Species 8472 (working on concept arts), The Dominion Alliance (will not be available in story mode) and one more secret race - total eight factions."

Have you considered multiple eras in the game? i.e. era progression from the ENT era to TNG?
"Frankly speaking, I'd like to create eras, but it's very difficult to implement into game concept by now. Maybe we will add them as an add-on after the game is released."

Lastly, any idea when we may get another demo of your progress? Would love to give that a go!
"I can't say exactly. We have a lot of ideas to make real and plans to execute. We're doing our best, just believe me. The demo will be as soon as possible."

I would like to thank u.s.s.sovereign for passing our questions on and Arthur Bagdasarov (u.s.s.defiant) for giving us the answers! I would also like to wish the very best of luck to the whole team working on this project! If you are excited for this project, please show them your support, there are links below.

UFP Forum Thread:
ModDB Page:
Facebook Page:

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Thu 23 Feb, 2017 3:05 PM
Sounds like a very interesting project! I look forward to seeing how it turns out.
Fri 24 Feb, 2017 1:05 AM
Exciting! I don't think I've heard of this game before.
Fri 24 Feb, 2017 10:44 AM
Looks exciting! Love Strategy games and loved armada