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Star Trek: Cats

A look at the book, which replaces the human TOS cast with cats! In what creates some amusing artwork.

By Three of Seven Tue 14 Mar, 2017 9:53 PM
I'm not going to be one to make a habit out of reviewing books, it's not my strong suit but this book is a little different to most! When I first heard of this book, I posted it on the forums and spoke about it on the Midas Array Podcast. Since then, I have gotten a copy of my own and now I am going to share with you my thoughts on the book.

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Size:  45.1 KBCreated by Jenny Parks, who describes herself as a nerd who loves painting animals, created this book. The front cover of the which gives the whole concept away, the TOS characters have been replaced with cats, with breeds to best represent that character. An obvious example of this is Scotty who is a Scottish Fold, I couldn't give you the name of all the breeds, but I'm sure we could play a game of guess the breed!

Opening the book, you are greeted with a Starfleet badge which has a silhouette of a cat, very fitting. The hardback cover and pages all feel great, the glossy shine to the paper really allows the art to stand out. Since the art is the real selling point of this, it helps to make it looks as good as possible, which is accomplishes, the pictures are beautiful, much better in the book than on a computer screen. There are many famous scenes in the book, all the episodes handily listed at the back of the book as well, if you are interested, the only part that confuses me is seeing cats with weapons (like lirpas) in their mouths!

There are small captions of text on some of the pictures to give a bit more flavour, while others don't need such text, like Scotty and his whisky, his feline counterpart is there hugging a bottle! No shortage of some bizarre images either, like a green Orion dancer, in cat form, but I think the one with the Tribbles was my favourite in the book, if I had to pick.

The authors website lists a number of places you can find this book, click here to take a look and browse her website too if you like the art! I got my book from Blackwell's in the UK, which is not listed there currently. I would recommend getting it, just no the Kindle version, it won't do it any justice in my personal opinion!

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Tue 14 Mar, 2017 10:00 PM
Great article, thanks Three! Ordered my copy today. Smile