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Trüberbrook - A Sci-Fi Adventure Game

Trüberbrook is a Sci-Fi adventure game, launched on Kickstarter, with a very interesting design to it.

By Three of Seven Tue 14 Nov, 2017 5:56 PM - Last Updated: Tue 21 Nov, 2017 11:45 AM
Trüberbrook is a Sci-Fi adventure game, based in rural Germany in the later 60s. The game is developed by btf GmbH and publiched by Headup Games, both located in Germany. The game is currently on Kickstarter for people to back, with the full title TRÜBERBROOK – A Nerd Saves the World. When completed, the game will be released on Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One and the Switch, so no shortage of places to play it!

The game, as stated earlier, is based in rural Germany, where you take on the role of an American physicist, Hans Tannhauser. He wins a trip to the small village of Trüberbrook, this allows him to get a much needed rest from doing his PhD thesis. However, sometime after arriving, documents vanished from his room, as well as someone trying to get in touch with him, what is happening in the village is a mystery to him.

When it comes to the game scenery, it has all been created as real miniature scale models, with 3D scanner capture and then polished digitally, to give the game a look that possibly hasn't been seen for some time. It's a style that defiantly works with a point and click adventure style game, which this is, but states that it has a modern approach to it.

Creators of the games say that the inspiration for the mood, and atmosphere for the game come from shows like Twin Peaks, The X-Files and Stranger Things, with a mix of German folklore. These are the things that build up the game universe, and if you are interested in listening to parts of the soundtrack, you can find them on Soundcloud here.

Currently the release date is set for late 2018, and the game is looking to be an interesting one, the design is certainly quite appealing. The point and click genre is also one that has been lacking a little in strong titles, in recent years, so there is definitely a spot for this game to grab an audience!

The Kickstarter link was in the first paragraph, but if you missed it, here it is again:

You will find more information about the game and the rewards for backers on that page, as well as future updates.

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