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Star Trek Adversaries now on Steam

The online Star Trek themed card game, Star Trek Adversaries has now arrived on Steam, in early access form.

By Three of Seven Tue 24 Apr, 2018 4:03 PM
Some of you might remember our recent interview for Star Trek Adversaries, in which it was said that the old patcher was a "temporary solution during our pre-Steam testing." before heading to Steam. Which the game is now available on, you will be able to find it here or just by searching for it in your Steam application! The game is part of Steams Early Access, but free to download and play, so there is no cost to play.

Name:  InlineImageThumb.jpg
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Size:  89.0 KBHow does it play? Pretty much as it did before, there's a bit more polish to it since the last time I played, but I was more holding out for the Steam version, as patching is much easier than the Unity patcher. You can watch my quick video of the game here, which only shows gameplay, not any of the other screens, such as deck building or crafting.

The game itself went quite smoothly, I didn't experience any issues with the actual play of the game, although the turn history no longer seems to show, and I experienced a slight bug in how the health of an opponents ship was displayed. More games might demonstrate more bugs, however that's to e expected, and the development team should be looking at fixing them at each stage till final release.

What's missing from the Steam version? In a post here by Tatchi, the Tutorial and Quark's Arena are not currently available on the Steam version. I don't remember what either of these were like, but we should see them return at some point in the future. Updates will be posted on our forums for that, as and when we know. There also doesn't seem to be a working challenge mode at this moment in time, hopefully that's fixed so friends can challenge each other.

How can the game improve? I believe the parts that need focus now, are related to the parts that are missing from the current Steam version of the game, and fixing the play history in a match. Graphically, and feature wise, it seems pretty solid at the moment, although the UI can feel a bit overwhelming with so much happening on screen. There could also be improvements to matchmaking, someone, like myself, really far down the leaderboard should probably not be matched against someone near the top. Brackets, or player tiers might be a better way to matchmake people for multiplayer.

Would I recommend it? Yes, it's a game to watch out for, if you like card games, and Star Trek, there is a good blend here. If you aren't patient with bugs, then you might want to hold off playing until many parts have been ironed out a bit more.

You can discuss Star Trek Adversaries on our forums here as well, if you have any questions or tips for people! And request an invite here to our fleet within Adversaries.

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