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The Mirror Universe Crosses to Consoles

Playstation and XBox players get to experience a new Discovery content for Star Trek Online.

By Three of Seven Thu 07 Mar, 2019 4:05 PM
Since March 5th, console players have been able to download the latest content to boost their Star Trek Online experience, Mirror of Discovery. The expansion will allow players to discover the fate ofCaptain Killy (voiced by Mary Wiseman) from the popular CBS television series, Star Trek: Discovery. It also brings the update of the TFO system, and an anniversary event for console players to enjoy, and take part in!

The following is provided by the press release.

In true Star Trek Online fashion, Mirror of Discovery expands on a pivotal story that was briefly touched on in Star Trek: Discovery. Captain Killy was introduced during the show’s first season, when the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery crossed paths with the Terran Empire and first learned of the cruel Mirror version of Starfleet’s Sylvia Tilly. Though fans had the opportunity to watch Tilly emulate the character, the real Killy never appeared on the small screen, marking Mirror of Discovery as her official debut.

In the first chapter of the continuing saga, Age of Discovery, players teamed up with Ensign Sylvia Tilly in the midst of a brutal war with Klingon forces. The journey continues with Mirror of Discovery, as Starfleet officers travel to the mysterious forest planet of Pahvo to investigate an unusual disturbance. An intense ion storm has enveloped the planet, somehow transporting a group of wanderers from another time period. Among these survivors is Captain Sylvia “Killy” Tilly, from the Terran Empire, who slaughtered her way into the captain’s seat of the I.S.S Discovery. Up until this point, it was assumed that the starship was destroyed by the Klingons at the same time that Starfleet’s U.S.S. Discovery crossed into the Mirror Universe. The fate of Pahvo now lies in the hands of the Federation, who must stop Captain Killy and her remaining crew members from annihilating the planet.

These events all transpire across all-new missions featured in Mirror of Discovery. A full list of content introduced with today’s console update includes:

Two New Featured Episodes – Captains hailing from all of the game’s various factions can experience two new playable episodes featuring Captain Sylvia Tilly of the Terran Empire.
“Para Pacem” – Players will witness the I.S.S. Discovery’s fated confrontation with Klingon forces, in the middle of an ion storm above Pahvo.
“Illusion of Communication” – Captains must stop Captain Killy from using Terran Empire technology to manipulate Pahvo’s peaceful biosphere.

Anniversary Events – Star Trek Online celebrates nine years of exploring the Star Trek universe from within by bringing back the popular Omega Molecule Stabilization event. Players who stabilize Q’s scattered Omega particles can earn free Omega Particle Tech Upgrades and prize vouchers, redeemable for the new T6 Vulcan Scout Ship featured in Star Trek: Discovery.

Battle at the Binary Stars – By popular demand, the Battle at the Binary Stars Event is now available as a Task Force Operation, with the debut of Advanced and Elite modes that will challenge even the most experienced players.

In the weeks following the launch, an update will also be made to the Personal Endeavor System on Xbox One and PlayStation®4. Captains who enjoy the game’s Endeavor System will be able to complete unique daily challenges to earn account-wide performance boosts in a wide variety of combat mechanics. In addition, console players will soon be able to participate in Pahvo Dissension, a new Featured Task Force Operation that sends captains back to the planet of Pahvo to deal with the aftermath of Mirror of Discovery.

That concludes the press release about the new content, which will bring consoles the nice new features that have been experienced by PC players. Although the Endeavor System hasn't come out to consoles just yet, it is coming. For those who have played these on the PC, what would you like to share with Playstation, and XBox players on what to expect? And do you have any advice?

Additional news, to any artists, or aspiring artists, Star Trek Online teamed up with For Fans By Fans to give winners of a design contest some in-game goodies, you can read more about this compertition here, and you have until April 8th to submit an entry.

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