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Celebrate First Contact Day!

The First Contact Day anniversary, on April 5th, can be celebrated in STO!

By Arlu3n Fri 05 Apr, 2019 4:26 PM
When Humans and Vulcans first met on Earth, the day was April 5th 2063, a thursday.

In order to celebrate that anniversary of First Contact Day, the Zefram Cochrane Memorial & Historical Museum is holding a special re-enactment event. It will last from April 4th, 8am PT till April 11th, 10am PT. (PC only, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be from April 11th till April 18th, same times). Participants are invited to visit Bozeman, Montana — the site of Cochrane's launch of the first Human warp-capable ship, and the Phoenix — where you engage in the construction of YOUR own replica Phoenix!

Just like Cochrane scavenged the pieces for the Phoenix, participating Captains will search the are for useful parts. Using these parts in conjunction with a basic hull assembly, captains will make their own model of the Phoenix by combining various scattered bits and pieces.

Once captains have collected all their parts, like under the shadow of Zefram Cochrane's statue, they'll return to their unfinished models and use these leftover pieces to improve on the pieces they've assembled. Then, everyone assembles at the missile silo to launch their models, and whoever's model reaches the highest altitude will be declared the winner of that launch and the honorary student of Cochrane.

— Captains need to be at least level 10 or above and all factions are welcomed to join these festivities, as a celebration of diversity and the meeting of different species. —

But would it be a festival without earnable rewards?

Limited to one per day, per character, you will receive a special Zefram Cochrane Memorial Hologram Voucher after completing the queue for the First Contact Day event. A minimum of 4 Holograms are required in order to receive a Special Event Price Box.

What will it include?

The Price Box will include the following items:

* 1x Captain Specialization Point
* Launch Toy Rocket
* Holo Emitter- Phoenix Shuttle
* Replica Thompson Submachine Gun (NEW!)

Launch Toy Rocket

Celebrate the historic launch of the Phoenix year round with this special device!
Upon activation, it places a model of the Phoenix in front of you, which quickly ascends to the sky.

Holo Emitter - Phoenix Shuttle

A special Holo-emitter for your shuttles and fighters that will make your ship look like the Phoenix.
This device has an unlimited duration, unlike those provided by the Ferengi.

Replica Thompson Submachine Gun

Archaic weaponry of this type has seen a curious resurgence via the popularity of a number of holonovels that depict ancient periods of Earth's violent history. This particular weapon has something of a cult following among avid fans of the "Dixon Hill" holonovel series which rose to prominence after the publishing of an unauthorized biography of the Starfleet career of a former captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D, Jean-Luc Picard.

Though only a replica, this item has (perhaps unwisely) been fully modified to act as a corollary to modern weaponry, and may be used effectively in modern combat scenarios. It features multiple fully automatic firing modes.


For those who find themselves with additional Holograms after receiving the Special Event Prize Box, there will be a recurring reputation project that rewards a box of 100 marks of your choice, requiring the input of a single voucher. This project will only be available while the event is active, so turn in your vouchers while you can!

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