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That's a Wrap! Season 2 of The Orville has ended

Tonight's season finale of The Orville continued to deliver the absolute best in Seth MacFarlane's epic space adventure.

By Elnian Fri 26 Apr, 2019 9:00 AM
With Season 2 of The Orville officially wrapped and aired, now's the time to reflect on the series so far and see how it stacks up against other shows. Although The Orville is expected to make a comeback for Season 3, the future is far from certain, with FOX delaying a decision regarding the renewal or cancellation of the series.

The Orville is definitely a special show, however. It's full of surprises and features show creator Seth MacFarlane's unique ability to mix comedy with serious. FOX realizes this, and thankfully, they are forgiving when it comes to ratings. Usually a show's ratings are set in stone when that viewing day has ended. Not the case with The Orville, however.

FOX counts not only same day viewings, but also delayed viewings as for out as seven days or longer. This is important to remember. Unlike other shows, The Orville's ratings can double, or even triple, over the course of the week. DVR, OnDemand and streaming over Hulu and FOX Now are all included in the ratings.

As reported earlier, The Orville was approved for a $15.6 million tax credit for Season 3, which is up from the $14.2 million the show received for Season 2.

At this stage, anything is possible. However, it would be extremely surprising if The Orville is not renewed for Season 3.

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