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Star Trek Adventures Miniature Sets

Modiphus have released two new miniature sets to their roleplay range.

By Three of Seven Sat 22 Jun, 2019 1:26 PM
Modiphus, the creators of the tabletop RPG, Star Trek: Adventures, have released two new miniature sets for players to use. These are the TOS Landing Party, which features 10 32mm scale figures, unpainted. The set contains one male and female officer of the Andorian, Denobulan, Tellarite, and Vulcan species, as well as two male humanoids.

The second set released is the Iconic Villains, which has 8 32mm scale figures, again unpainted. There are well known villains in this set, like the Borg Queen, Khan and Q, among others, which you can read on the main store page.

Both of these sets will require you to get your paintbrush out, or find someone to paint them for you. The price for the sets comes in at £39.99 each, or your regional equivalent.

With the release of these sets, Modiphus have reduced the price of the TNG Starfleet Deck Tiles and TNG Klingon Deck Tiles to £19.99, or your regional equivalent. Additionally, if you look on the store, and have ever wanted to have a playable Tribble in a roleplay, you can get the character sheet free here!

Star Trek Adventures is a game Modiphius seem interested to keep growing, with that in mind, are there any other miniatures you would like to see them add to their collection?

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